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Ass Ammo Poppers 24 ml X3 - Best Poppers UK
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Ass Ammo Poppers 24ml X3
  • Ass Ammo Poppers 24ml X3

Ass Ammo Poppers 24ml X3

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Ass Ammo Poppers Pack 24 ml. The English poppers Ass Ammo 24 ml is an aphrodisiac used mainly for sex thanks to its vasodilatory effects. It contains a powerful pentyl nitrite formula, which causes relaxation of the muscles, especially those of the anus and rectum, thus facilitating painless penetration. In addition to its physical effects, it provides a feeling of euphoria and intensification of orgasm. If you do not know the Poppers Ass Ammo, come and try it urgently. Poppers Achat offers the Pack of 3 bottles at the best price !

This pack contains


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Ass Ammo Poppers Pack

Capacity : 3 x 24 ml

Composition : Pentyl nitrite - Highly flammable

Poppers are inhaled for their quick effects. When inhaled, they act by relaxing the muscles, especially those around the blood vessels, which leads to dilation of the blood vessels (vasodilatation) and a temporary drop in blood pressure that causes a feeling of warmth and well-being.


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24 ml