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Poppers Sniffer Cap Size L - Low Price Inhaler
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Poppers Inhaler Cap Large
  • Poppers Inhaler Cap Large

Poppers Inhaler Cap Large

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Discover the Poppers Inhaler Cap from the French brand GC-POP, your passport to an unparalleled experience ! Designed with precision for efficient and effortless use, this popper cap offers a fluid inhalation to feel the power of your favorite aromas. Its eco-friendly design ensures a long service life, while its compact design makes it perfect for use on the go. Enjoy every puff with this unmissable party companion !


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Compatible Bottles : Amsterdam 24ml Amsterdam Black Label 24mL AMSTERDAM SPECIAL 25ml AMYL 24mL AMYL TITANIUM 24ml Everest Black Label 25ml FIST BIG DEEP FORMULE 24ml JUNGLE JUICE GOLD LABEL 24ml JUNGLE JUICE PLATINUM 24ml PROPYL 24ml

Tips for use :

- Cleaning : Rinse under soapy water, do not trample under water or in contact with the product.

- Do not tilt the bottle when using the cap.

- When finished, close the bottle with the original cap.


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Liste des flacons compatibles à ce bouchon de poppers GC-POP

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