Secure payment

Visa / Mastercard / CB

For the payment of your purchases by credit card, you will be asked to enter your payment information on the SSL secure payment service. Payment is made via PAYBOX, a completely secure payment service. You can check the validity of the SSL certificate used at any time by double-clicking on the "padlock" symbol displayed at the bottom of your browser window. After validation of your payment, you will receive at the e-mail address mentioned in your order an electronic payment ticket to the merchant header Poppers Achat.

Bank transfer

On Poppers Achat, it is possible to pay your orders by bank transfer. Once your order has been validated, the information needed to make your transfer will be displayed. You just have to go to your bank’s application and make the transfer corresponding to the amount of your order.

This is safe and fast. In this case, the packages are prepared to receive your transfer to our bank account. Opt for instant transfer if you want your order to be shipped quickly.